Kitchen Remodel Guide


Undergoing a kitchen remodel can be a hectic and stressful task, but it doesn’t have to be a painful experience. In fact, with the right planning and preparation, remodeling your kitchen can be painless and enjoyable. If you’d like to remodel your kitchen but you don’t know where to start, use this simple, step-by-step kitchen remodel guide to get started.

The ultimate decision. Depending on your needs, you have two options when it comes to remodeling your kitchen. You can opt for the more common remove & replace procedure, which involves updating your products but keeping the overall layout. Changes would be made to cabinetry, sinks and faucets, countertops, light fixtures, etc. Plumbing and electrical would remain in the same place. A complete remodel would include gutting the entire kitchen, including the walls. This would allow you to relocate your electrical wiring and plumbing, as well as increase kitchen space if necessary. This kind of remodel gives you complete control over the final look of your kitchen, but it is much more costly and time consuming. Before you begin your remodel, you must know which remodel you intend to undergo.



Budget, budget, budget. Kitchen remodeling can be a costly task, and failing to plan appropriately can have you spending a lot more than you need to or can afford to. Establishing a proper budget prior to your remodel will save you money and the inevitable headache that comes with overspending. You should know right off the bat how much money you’re willing to spend on your kitchen remodel. Real estate experts recommend spending no more than 15% of your home’s fair market value on your remodel. When allocating the parts of your budget, expect to spend about 40% on your cabinetry, approximately 30% on appliances and fixtures, 20% on flooring, countertops, and backsplash and 10% on any unforeseen expenses.

Take stock of your needs. A kitchen remodel is a great opportunity to recreate your space to accommodate your needs. How do you use your space? Do you have tons of pots and pans? Do you have a lot of small appliances? Do you frequently cook for your family? Does your entire family like to meet in your kitchen? Knowing exactly what you’ll need from your kitchen will allow you to best design your kitchen to meet your needs.


Know your style. Because the kitchen tends to be a major space within the home, it must reflect your personality as well as the personalities of the rest of your family. When choosing your colors, materials, and textures, keep in mind the amount of time you and your family will be spending in your kitchen.

Select your products. Now that you are aware of the needs that your new kitchen must address and the style which best fits your personality, it’s time to select your products. Keeping your budget in mind, begin shopping for your cabinetry, countertop, fixtures, and hardware. Major appliances may have to be purchased well in advance, as they often take several weeks to ship.


Out with the old. Before any remodeling can be done, your old kitchen must be removed. This would most likely require you to hire a contractor. Do not forget to include labor expenses in your budget. Check with your garbage removal services to figure out how and when to schedule a pick-up for your old cabinetry and other garbage. During this stage you will also probably need to set up a temporary kitchen elsewhere in the home.

In with the new. Your kitchen remodel is now under way. Within the next couple of weeks you will have the kitchen of your dreams. While the kitchen remodeling process might be quite hectic, the end result is definitely worth it.


Have Fun With Your Remodel!

  • Use Your Resources Head to your nearest stationer’s and purchase a board or a scrapbook to create collages of all of your kitchen design ideas. Kitchen design and homemaking magazines are great resources with tons of photo inspiration. Gather paint swatches and other materials to help you visualize your dream kitchen.
  • Make it Social! These days, home remodeling has become a social experience with websites such as Pinterest and Houzz which allow you to virtually gather inspiration for your kitchen remodel. Pinterest also offers secret boards if you’d rather keep your kitchen remodel private.